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Project Description
This software is for the document management. This system works with SQL Server. This program is created with Framework 2.0. Some of the benefits are:

supports all type of document
creates versions of documents
You can duplicate it
You can add commentaries
You can organize them by repositories
You can do backup of the data base.

The greater benefit is the capacity to protect your documents and if the computer is damaged single you must install the program and recover the data base with backup and now you have your documents

To Setup Application
  • After Install if application run for first time a configuration screen appear.
  • In the configuration screen type the name of the sql server or click in list to select one
  • If you want use trusted connection select trusted check box
  • type the name of the database or select one of the list
  • now click start configuration
  • When the database configuration fish the account screen appear.
  • Complete the account information and press save
  • Now the program its ready to use.

Coming Soon The User Guide

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